Like Glass


Grief is a funny thing. You keep busy, there are things to do. Time passes. Life moves on.

Then you find yourself trying to keep from crying as you drive to meet with a local city IT director and you have no idea why. Oh wait…was that just me?

I logically understand the process of grief. I know that sometimes when I’m feeling angry right now, I’m really not. I’m really sad. I know that I’m still in a period where I need to write everything down because my brain just shuts off occasionally. I know that I need to create moments that allow me to feel it and process it. I know that it gets better, this is not my first loss. What always strikes me though is the randomness of it. It doesn’t hit hard when I’m going through photos or planning memorials, it happens at the grocery store when I’m buying grapes. What the hell?!

At the end of it all, I am OK. I just try to keep reminding myself (and others who may be looking at me funny as I appear to mourn the state of the produce at Ralphs) that I’m not crazy right now.

Just fragile.

It will pass.


  1. For what it’s worth, this all sounds very familiar. But I’m sorry if you’re having a rough time. It may be normal, but it sucks going through it.

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