Pioneer Woman in Training


There is a running joke among some of my non-crafty friends about how when the zombie apocalypse hits and we are forced to fend for ourselves for survival, I’m going to be just fine because I can make anything from scratch. Yes I know that I could have picked any kind of apocalypse but let’s face it…when the end comes, it’s going to be zombies.

I work in technology so nobody really blinked when I built my own computer, but it did seem like a lot of work. They were curious to discover I made my own lotion in a big batch every fall, but they were more than happy to take some of the leftovers. Knitting, crochet, beading…etc, well those were just hobbies but they did often marvel at how many of these hobbies I had. Cooking is all fine and well, but when they learned I was making my own yogurt they were a little baffled as to why (duh, it tastes better!). When I turned said yogurt into cheese, they thought that was just weird. Making paper out of my junk mail was a phase that we all like to pretend never happened.

The last straw may have been the yarn. When they discovered I was spinning my own yarn from wool, more than one person exclaimed “Is there anything you won’t make?!”. Bless my knitting group for getting it…otherwise I might start to think I was strange.

I walk around in the world admiring the beauty, creativity and cleverness that surrounds me. I am also overcome on a daily basis (OK, maybe an hourly basis) with the belief that “I can do that!”. Cute necklace spotted at a craft fair? I can make that. Think it might be interesting to master my DSLR camera on manual mode? I can figure that out. Toilet broken? I can fix that.

Sometimes all that belief in my own abilities works out great. Sometimes I end up with a toilet sitting in my dining room for longer than anyone should. Regardless, I really like the little part of me that sincerely believes I can figure out how to do anything.

So for now, look what I learned to do:

I made yarn!

I wonder how hard it is to actually shear a sheep…


  1. Awesome yarn! Look at you! It’s almost like you’re a real spinner!*

    I have a DSLR that I love and use a LOT, but I’d really like to learn more about the settings, so I don’t ALWAYS have to use Auto settings.

    *CYA (CMA?) Statement: Just to be clear to those who weren’t there…this is a leftover joke from last night.

  2. Thanks!

    Mastering your DSLR on manual mode is so liberating. We should do a photo excursion some weekend.

  3. Yay! The yarn looks so great!!!

    Count me in on that photo excursion :)

  4. You are officially my hero.

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