Given the events of the last few days with the Occupy camps, a few stories I find interesting.


In Denver, Occupiers were evicted from their encampment after a stressful clash with police over their right to be there. Many of their belongings were thrown away with little opportunity for them to be claimed.

In unrelated news, I’d like to share a story of folks camping out in Denver in advance of the opening of a new H&M clothing store.  Nothing was mentioned about their clothes being thrown away after shopping.  Weird.


In Austin, Texas 38 people were arrested in the middle of the night after reports of the Occupy camp providing people food after 10pm.

I found another story about people camping out in Austin to ensure they got good seats for the Hanson concert.  I’m pretty sure no one ate during the evening as I didn’t read anything about any arrests.  Mmmmm, Bop.


Occupy San Diego had their camp shut down after less than 2 days.

Also, here is an interesting story about Twilight fans camping out a week before Comic Con to ensure they got into a session to see the cast. It was really nice of the city and the convention center to provide those folks a tent as you can see from the pictures.


While the City of LA has appeared to be extremely supportive of the local camp, news is starting to emerge that they are in fact laying the groundwork to evict.  One such example has been over food service.  Many heard that food distribution was recently limited, but what hasn’t gotten as much news is the increased level of health department inspections that have been made on ANY certified kitchen that has been providing food or resources to the campers.

In other news, thousands of fans camped out in front of the Nokia Theater across from Staples Center for the last week to receive a special wristband for the Twilight premiere.  Apparently some of the stars from the movie showed up Sunday morning to cook and serve them breakfast.  I’m having trouble finding out how many health department inspections the Twilight campers received…I’m sure there were many.  Sure.


I’m not saying any of these are completely equal or fair comparisons.  Just saying, it’s interesting.


  1. I’m pretty proud of Boston…. a judge here ruled that they can’t evict the occupiers.

    • Three cheers for Boston then! I’m actually fairly proud of the LAPD at the moment too. Things are starting to heat up and an eviction seems inevitable, but given the history of LAPD and inappropriate violence I have to admit that they have been handling the situation remarkably well thus far.

  2. Your article was exlcleent and erudite.

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