Once upon a time I used to blog. That should be the definition of this space over the last few years.

I never wrote a lot. Or consistently. If I had something I was chewing on, though, this used to be a place I could think it through by typing, deleting, editing and hitting publish. Like magic, the thing I was chewing on would make a little more sense thanks to the act of putting it into words. I miss that.

It reminds me of how I would stay up all night in my early 20s, driving around with dear friends and debating whatever the big thought of the day was. Usually it was politics, sometimes it was a morality question. Usually it would veer to some personal revelation from one of us that was too scary to share in the light of day with a full night’ sleep. We would rarely sway anyone else in the car, though at the same time we were all changed by the conversations. We understood ourselves and our beliefs better by having to put them into words and defend them. We had to understand why we believed them. That part matters more than most people ever know.

Somewhere along the way, spontaneous all-night car rides to nowhere fell by the wayside. The way so many things do when you grow up. I miss what I got out of them. This place used to provide a bit of that for me. I’m not sure why I stopped writing here. Maybe I was distracted by the multitude of places to share pieces of myself online. Facebook statuses here, Tweets there, a Flickr album, a YouTube video, a Pin, a Ravelry project…everything had a place. Except I forgot that writing through things wasn’t for sharing a piece of me with others. It was about processing it for myself. I don’t mind sharing it, I think it makes me put more effort into the thought. Ultimately, though, I write it down for me.

So now what. I think I start by offloading the things that distracted me from this place. I started two Tumblrs, one for my crafty side and one for my techie side. It probably sounds crazy that I would create new online spaces when I just talked about the distractions of my other online spaces. Maybe it is. I’m an “everything in its place” kind of girl, though. For now, I like the idea of keeping a place for me to post those things.

If you like to follow crafty me, you’ll find that here :

If you like to follow techie me, here you go:

This place, I’m reclaiming for me. We’ll see how that goes.

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