It’s not all about me: The Health Insurance Edition


After much consideration, my employer decided to switch to covering individual health insurance policies for all of us at work instead of the small group plan that we have had until now.  It wasn’t a tough decision, we can get better policies on the exchange at the Platinum level for less money than the options available to us with our existing group plan.

Considering it’s my insurance, I’m a big fan of the policy improvements.  As someone who has to kick in a percentage of the plan cost, I’m also pretty pleased with the saving money part.  I now also get to pick any policy I’d like off the exchange which gives me some flexibility and choice that a small company normally can’t offer.  We are all feeling pretty win-win around these parts.

That being said, dealing with my state health care exchange has been…let’s say unsatisfying.

The technical problems, oh yes, there are so many technical problems. Additionally, all of the customer support options are COMPLETELY overwhelmed. A website error seems to have borked up my account and application so I am temporarily unable to complete my application or start a new unborked one until I can raise a real life person to fix it.  At the moment, I am left with nothing to do but be patient because reaching a real life person hasn’t been possible. The phone line and online chat options are overloaded and queuing up in them either isn’t an offered option or never succeeds.  I’ve spent a bit of time wading through it this week. I understand why folks are frustrated.

I’m also a little excited by it, though. Sure, I have spent more time than I’d like on it recently…time that I didn’t really have to spend this week.  I don’t like that. I just can’t separate it from the other thing I know, the reason the system is overloaded is because a ton of people are using it. Many people who have been unable to qualify for or afford insurance up till now. Other people who have been scraping together pennies and doing without basic necessities because they have a pre-existing illness and couldn’t dream of switching to a better policy.

I’m finding it difficult to get too upset because it has caused an inconvenience in my daily life. An inconvenience that I will have completely forgotten about in a week or two. An inconvenience that is eerily similar to the one I willing inflict on myself every year when I buy San Diego Comic Con tickets!

Other people’s lives are being measurably improved, so yeah. Go ahead and put me on hold. I’ll be fine.

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